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Stacks Changelog

All Stacks versions and what we have changed for each version.

Version 1.9.13

Released 24 October, 2022

What's changed

Changed position of the priority icon in task card

What's fixed

Fixed priority icon in task card when `Fixed stack hight` is turned on

Fixed status in Table view

Fixed search not working for words containing the letter `x`

What's improved

Under-the-hood improvements and fixes

Version 1.9.12

Released 8 September, 2022

What's fixed

Fixed people list scrolling issue

What's improved

Improved tags visibility

Overall bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.9.10

Released 30 July, 2022
  • Added markdown interpretations of links with different protocols

What's fixed

Fixed app title bar not working on Windows and Linux after 1.9.9

What's improved

Improved hashtag parsing, unknown hashtags won't be converted

Version 1.9.9

Released 28 July, 2022
  • Added option to remember app zoom scale after a restart
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

What's changed

Re-enabled native title bar on Windows and Linux

What's fixed

Fixed links not being rendered correctly when they contained hashtags

Version 1.9.8

Released 18 July, 2022
  • Added missing workspace tags in the Board Overview view

What's fixed

Fixed long tag names breaking the UI

Fixed nested folder not deleting

What's improved

Overall small fixes and improvements

Version 1.9.7

Released 5 July, 2022

What's fixed

Fixed app crashing when deleting a task from task details

What's improved

Overall fixes and optimizations

Version 1.9.5

Released 30 June, 2022
  • Added option to move multiple selected tasks
  • Added option to change status, tags, progress, priority of multiple selected tasks
  • Added option to mark as todo or done multiple selected tasks
  • Added autocomplete and quick assign of statuses via %statusName
  • Added autocomplete and quick assign of priority via !high

What's changed

Context menu works with selected tasks

What's fixed

Fixed task being saved with an empty content

What's improved

Improved linking to a local file in Task description

Overall optimization and faster loading/rendering

Version 1.9.4

Released 23 June, 2022

Added a new button in the markdown editor to add a link to a local file

What's changed

Changed link to local file format instead of `file:///path/to/file` -> `</!/path/to/file>` - since markdown does not support the `file://` protocol

What's fixed

Fixed keyboard navigation

Version 1.9.3

Released 22 June, 2022

What's changed

Switched places of the delete and `eye` button in checklists, Task Details

What's fixed

Fixed deleting of global statuses

Fixed deleting of global tags

What's improved

Improved performance on large projects

Version 1.9.2

Released 21 June, 2022
  • Added markdown text pattern to Notepad
  • Added partial Ukrainian translation

What's fixed

Fixed delay when clicking and selecting a task

Fixed Stack not selecting when clicked

What's improved

Improved Czech translation (thanks to MenTom_CZ)

Version 1.9.1

Released 14 June, 2022

What's changed

Changed search cache - now should use SQLite WASM

What's fixed

Fixed crashing on Linux

What's improved

Improved onboarding process

Version 1.9.0

Released 13 June, 2022
  • Added multi-select task in Board View
  • Added multi-task delete (select tasks and hit Ctrl+Backspace in Windows and Linux or Cmd+Backspace in macOS)
  • Added copy selected tasks
  • Added copy format options in the Preferences
  • Added user re-assignment from the table view
  • Added fast tags assigning when writing a new task
  • Added multi-task creation when pasting multiple lines of text (each new line will create a new task)
  • Added new options to quickly assign a person by using the @ sign and selecting a person, or # for quickly assigning a tag in task details
  • Added emoji autocomplete in the task title
  • Added feedback dialog improvements
  • Added a new context menu for the document to copy the document link
  • Added new Markdown editor for task description and custom task text field
  • Added autocomplete in the markdown editor
    • :: - autocomplete emojis
    • [[ - autocomplete documents, tasks, and more
    • @ - autocomplete people
    • # - autocomplete tags
  • Added delete only task in a stack
  • Added multi-select and multi-unselect of tasks using Shift+Up/Down
  • Added new searching cache - using SQLite
  • Added task details closes when task is completed

What's changed

Changed the priority icon in the Task Card

Changed maximize icon on Windows and Linux

Changed watermark icon/logo (visible when no document is selected)

Changed - removed filters from archived view (it wasn’t working with the archived tasks)

What's fixed

Fixed hitting escape in task title and closing the task details dialog

Fixed losing the new subtask text when blurring the input field

Fixed task title not accepting multiline using Shift+Enter

Fixed duplicating project not working

Fixed text/link when a new online workspace is about to be added

Fixed current document reload when external change occurs

Fixed deleting archived tasks

What's improved

Improved app performance - feels faster and snappier (optimized unneeded re-renders)

Improved keyboard navigation in Board View, scrolling is now following the selected task

Improved new subtask input, now accepts multiline

Improved new task input accepts multiline

Improved demo project - now uses all the new markdown syntax

Improved opening the Preferences - should be even faster

Improved feedback for newcomers (first time will show after 2-3 days)

Improved CSV export now contains Statuses and Tags

Improved tags automation - it will append tags instead of replacing them

Other under-the-hood improvements and fixes

Version 1.8.3

Released 29 March, 2022
  • Added complete German translations (thanks to Marcus)
  • Added partial Czech translation (thanks to MenTom_CZ)

What's fixed

Fixed global statuses not updating from the Project Settings

Fixed task copy/move, it wasn't copying over the cover image

Fixed attachment not opening from the Welcome demo project

Version 1.8.2

Released 10 March, 2022

What's fixed

Fixed error caused by missing Project Settings day span

What's improved

Various under-the-hood fixes and improvements

Version 1.8.1

Released 8 March, 2022

What's fixed

Fixed document edit UI issues

Fixed recurring task week day picker

Version 1.8.0

Released 3 March, 2022
  • Added global project filtering (a new floating button should be visible on the bottom right corner of every project)
  • Board view rearrangeable while filtered
  • Added Project filter hotkey Ctrl+F
  • Added automatic Stack filtering when set from the Stack context - when a sorting order is set the tasks will automatically sort when tasks are changed or dropped
  • Added Sidebar "Due Today" counter and corresponding options in the Preferences
  • Added Project Settings UI
  • Added new Statuses collection (no more depending on the current tags list) NB: current global statuses might be lost
  • Added new Project settings for changing the default working day span and working week span
  • Added new Preferences UI
  • Added new Icon

What's changed

Replaced global search hotkey from Ctrl+F to Ctrl+K

What's fixed

Fixed Stack automations not clearing Tags and Assignees

Fixed filters calendar cut off by small displays

Fixed dates in task details attachments

Fixed managing subtasks when the hidden checkbox is active

Fixed inputs sometimes not working in the Project Settings

:white_check_mark: Fixed stack auto sorting when using Copy/Move

What's improved

Improved safety & performance (update Electron and TypeScript version)

Improved estimated time parsing (now supports decimal numbers, months `M` and years `Y` with capital letters)

Improved Project Settings

Improved Done and Overdue tasks UI both in light and dark mode

Improved automations now working when adding a task

Version 1.7.6

Released 13 February, 2022
  • Added announcements and voting system for new features
  • Improved Russian translations (thanks to our contributors)

What's fixed

Various under the hood improvements and fixes

Version 1.7.5

Released 21 January, 2022

What's fixed

Fixed monthly task repeat when `last day` is selected

Version 1.7.4

Released 20 January, 2022

What's fixed

Fixed people table view inverted columns

Fixed Notepad autosave moving the mouse cursor when saved automatically

What's improved

Improved French translation

People websites and social addresses are now clickable

Version 1.7.3

Released 12 January, 2022
  • Added new markdown syntax for commenting using backticks (`)
  • Added missing menu item for adding a File document

What's fixed

Fixed markdown code for links

Fixed links in the description

Fixed deleting a task from the task details context menu

Fixed styling of person initials letters in the person detail modal window

Fixed deleting a folder in the sidebar

Fixed importing the same Stacks document multiple times

Fixed styles of overdue tasks in the List view

What's improved

Removed status checkbox from archived tasks in List and Table View

Improved markdown code when commenting

Improved alignment of tags in the List view

Version 1.7.1

Released 8 January, 2022
  • Added new preference to only show warnings count in the sidebar

What's fixed

Fixed date chip to also show the year when the date is not in the current year

Fixed repeat button for archived task in tasks detail

Fixed date button for archived task in tasks detail

Fixed link in the description not being rendered correctly

Fixed task repeat when having a start date

What's improved

Improved hitting escape in the task description - won't close the task details any more

Version 1.7.0

Released 28 December, 2021
  • Added Calendar improvements (24 hours, first day of week)
  • Added Calendar task schedule via new Sidebar
  • Added Calendar drag outside to unschedule a task
  • Added UI for empty Workspace
  • Added subtasks new context option to move it as a new task to the board
  • Added option in Preferences to change task Cover size
  • Added Workspace colors
  • Added Notepad autocomplete parent path/name

What's fixed

Fixed removing a workspace not resetting documents list

Fixed status not reading global tags

Fixed copy move without stacks

Fixed clearing the time input on the date picker would result in app crash

Fixed archiving tasks from the stack context menu

Fixed file document sometimes not rendering

Fixed moving from one task to another via the task description

Fixed moving a task to a Stack with minimal appearance

Fixed Board keyboard navigation and adding a new Tasks

What's improved

Improved stack limit option to not consider completed tasks

Improved adding tasks and subtasks

Version 1.6.3

Released 8 December, 2021
  • Added Board and List view background mouse drag
  • Added Workspace drag-and-drop reorder
  • Added a new menu to reopen the Feedback popup
  • Added an email field to the Feedback popup for follow-up

What's fixed

Fixed dragging a task on an empty Stack (with minimal appearance)

What's improved

Improved translations

Version 1.6.2

Released 6 December, 2021
  • Added URL interpreter in the task title

What's fixed

Fixed search ignoring preferences for archived tasks

Fixed date picker not working correctly in certain time zones

What's improved

Improved today's card background-color

Version 1.6.1

Released 3 December, 2021

What's fixed

Fixed searching not working on new installations

Fixed default preferences not loading on new installations

Version 1.6.0

Released 2 December, 2021

What's new

  • Added new date picker
  • Added task repeat options
  • Added people custom types
  • Added Mac M1 builds
  • Added task counter in the sidebar (shows the number of total tasks in a project - and in red the overdue ones)
  • Added sounds - check Preferences to enable it (more to come)
  • Added a new option in the Copy/Move wizard to keep setting between multiple copies
  • Added People title (e.g. Mr, Mrs, Dr, etc)
  • Added Sidebar remembering size
  • Added basic Chinese translation
  • Added global tags
  • Added option to exclude items/sections from the search
  • Added person custom ID
  • Added persons age (auto-filled by the birthdate)
  • Added real-time updates using the open-source server

What's changed

The preferences are now stored on a file-based system

What's fixed

Fixed Notepad clearing doc when switching to another

Fixed Search with multiline Tasks

Fixed Table View hover and selection visual on light theme

Fixed preferences not loading - in certain cases workspace reference was lost

Fixed buttons global font family

Fixed Notepad autosave issues

Fixed moving a task to another project

Fixed server communication

What's improved

Improved date chip in the task card both for the Board and List view

Columns in people are now saved and restored

Version 1.5.7

Released 24 November, 2021

Added partial Chinese translations (help us translate Stacks in more languages. Click here to translate into a new language or improve current ones)

What's fixed

Notepad losing content when switching and auto-save was enabled

Global font family on buttons

What's improved

Other under the hood fixes and improvements

Version 1.5.6

Released 5 November, 2021

What's fixed

- Fixed Stack percentage calculation

- Fixed Task cover image removal

Version 1.5.5

Released 2 November, 2021

What's fixed

Fixed Notepad clearing document in some cases

What's improved

Other minor fixes and improvements

Version 1.5.4

Released 15 October, 2021
  • Added a new info popover in the Task details to show the created, updated, completed, and archived dates
  • Added new task state checkbox in Task details, Table and List view

What's fixed

Fixed assignees `more` component, text was not visible in dark mode

Fixed progress bar value when marking a task as complete

Fixed various values still changeable for archived tasks

Version 1.5.3

Released 12 October, 2021

What's changed

Date pickers in Task Details now respect min and max dates based on Start and Due date

What's fixed

Fixed task not saving in the Board view

Fixed spacings in the Task Details Sidebar

Fixed Assignees +N bubble size

Fixed Files documents not working properly on Windows

What's improved

Overall bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.5.2

Released 11 October, 2021

What's fixed

Fixed crashing when adding or removing a tag

Version 1.5.1

Released 10 October, 2021

- Added a new file document type. Useful to attach any file without directly attaching it to a task

What's fixed

Fixed URL not being recognised when adding an online Workspace

What's improved

Improved preferences persistent save - some users were losing the preferences when updating the app on Windows

Version 1.5.0

Released 29 September, 2021
  • Added Task Status - it’s a new way of categorizing your task
  • Added Task Status automation
  • Added Table View filter by date
  • Added Table View filter by assignees
  • Added Table View filter by status
  • Added new avatar icons (you can choose a style in the Preferences)
  • Added Preferences to change the styling of the People Table View
  • Added multilayered sidebar tree
  • Added context menu on the archived task to quickly unarchive or copy as new
  • Added a new way to stop procrastination - check out the new Stack task limit option
  • Added skeleton animation while loading the table view in Projects and People
  • Added skeleton animation while loading the documents in the Sidebar
  • Added workspace custom icon

You can see a more in-depth article on the newest features in this blog article

What's changed

Changed Table View filtering bar to better accommodate more filters

Changed Automations UI

Changed Task Details UI

Changed selected document background color in the Sidebar

Changed task progress to a slider in task details

Removed documents limitations for non-Pro users (with the current version all users can add at least 1 of document type)

Workspace with more then 2 words will only show max 2 letters in the sidebar

What's fixed

Fixed Windows Icon

Fixed Linux Icon

Fixed Archived task not unarchiving

Fixed Table View styling

Fixed Table View UI issues

Fixed Table View columns not resizing correctly

What's improved

Improved Table View sorting (should save the current sorting)

Table View visible columns now are saved across sessions

Various UI improvements

Version 1.4.7

Released 17 August, 2021

What's fixed

Fixed time tracking not submitting the time

What's improved

Various under the hood fixes and bug fixes

Version 1.4.6

Released 9 August, 2021

What's fixed

Fixed Archives view covered by the Pro block screen

Version 1.4.5

Released 5 August, 2021

What's fixed

Fixed automation when toggling the state of all tasks in a Stack

Fixed automatic scrolling when using the Space bar to toggle the task to complete/incomplete

Version 1.4.4

Released 4 August, 2021

What's fixed

Fixed archived all tasks in a stack

Fixed error reporting screen

Version 1.4.3

Released 3 August, 2021

What's changed

Removed error boundary screen

Version 1.4.2

Released 2 August, 2021

What's fixed

Fixed automation when tasks are moved in the same Stack (it won't trigger the automation)

Other minor improvements

Version 1.4.1

Released 31 July, 2021

What's fixed

Fixed crash on Windows with legacy project documents

Fixed crash screen not clickable

Fixed certain automation combinations not working correctly

Version 1.4.0

Released 29 July, 2021
  • Project automations
  • Added a visual indicator that a new version was installed
  • The selected stack can be deleted with a hotkey when empty
  • Non-Pro users can now see the Pro features and views but cannot interact with them
  • Added a Preference option to view earnings based on the Spent Time instead of Estimated Time
  • Added new UI when the application crashes - also added a button to submit any error that might have occurred this issue
  • Added filter by multiple tags in the Table View
  • Added hotkeys to create a new Person in the People document
  • Added preference to save notepad document immediately

What's changed

Task opening reverted back to double click

Moved the Project Preferences in the toolbar (to improve visibility)

Task details can now be closed using the Escape key

Table view requires 1 click to open the task

What's fixed

Fixed search sometimes not opening a task

Fixed menu not changing locale

Fixed Hotkeys not working on Windows (Linux)

Fixed Project duplication

Fixed task not deselecting when a new task is added

Fixed task covers not showing after adding a new one

What's improved

Improved internal store manager thus improving speed and overall responsiveness of the app

Improved keyboard navigation - should also scroll automatically while moving across tasks

Improved the table view: toggle first column stickiness, filter by multiple tags, removed cursor pointer on non-interactive columns

Various UI improvements and minor bug fixes

Version 1.3.5

Released 2 July, 2021

What's fixed

Fixed crashing while setting a task tag

Version 1.3.4

Released 30 June, 2021

What's fixed

Fixed subtasks sometimes not saving when clicking out of the Task Details modal

What's improved

Various under the hood fixes and improvements

Version 1.3.3

Released 29 June, 2021
  • Added a new Preference to make the first column in the Tasks Table View sticky
  • Added a new option in the Task Details attachments to link to a local file without copying it into the workspace's library
  • Added a new toggle to make dates in Task Detail as all-day events
  • Added Calendar View resizable events (only tasks with all-day dates will be resizable)
  • Added a new graph in the Dashboard View to show Estimated Time vs Spent Time by Stack

What's changed

Tasks/Cards now open with one click

Task detail link attachment won't accept wrong URL formats

What's fixed

Fixed row hover in the Tasks Table View

Fixed appearance of Stacks with larger tinted header bar

Fixed Tasks in Calendar view with long date spans

Version 1.3.2

Released 24 June, 2021

What's fixed

Hitting escape when editing on a newly created folder would delete it

Switching from one people document to another one would not load it

Version 1.3.1

Released 23 June, 2021

Added MacOS notarization

What's fixed

Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.3.0

Released 22 June, 2021
  • Added Copy/Move wizard for both the Tasks and Stacks - this will allow users to treat tasks as templates
  • Added Tasks Table View column sorting
  • Added People Table View column sorting
  • Added option to unarchive archived tasks or to be copied as new into a selected Stack
  • Added a markdown cheatsheet in the custom text field in the task details
  • Added hotkey to quickly remove a selected task (Cmd + Backspace on Mac and Ctrl + Backspace on Windows and Linux)
  • Added Preference to quickly select a Stack and/or Task

What's changed

Renamed the Preferences option to "Add task to bottom" instead of "Add task to top"

What's fixed

Fixed Person Detail window not respecting dark mode preference

Fixed Start Date formatting in the Task Details

Fixed Dashboard not showing the correct overdue task count

Fixed text selection in the Notepad

What's improved

Search will also search inside archived tasks

Version 1.2.2

Released 25 May, 2021
  • Added table view filter by task status

What's fixed

Fixed subtasks not behaving correctly

Overall minor bug fixes and improvements

What's improved

Added tick marks in the table view filters

Version 1.2.1

Released 14 May, 2021
  • Enabled time picker in the task date picker
  • Added table view filter by tags

What's fixed

When adding a new task it will correspond with the location set in the preferences

Fixed styles of the task description in the card popup

Fixed document icons won't be visible anymore when the sidebar is closed

Clicking on the attached files should now correctly open in the default app

What's improved

Document and Folder al fully draggable (previously only by the icon)

Project settings is now showing the title correctly

Editing the task description should work with a single click instead of a double click

Hitting enter on the last subtask will immediately open a new one (Escape should cancel editing)

Version 1.2.0

Released 4 May, 2021
  • Added Trello Board import
  • Added Asana Project import
  • Added new menu item to create folders and documents
  • Added export document as CSV and JSON
  • Added task option to copy/duplicate the task into another stack
  • Added date locales - users may use a different date formatting scheme than the one that comes from the current language

What's changed

Changed Hotkeys, Emoji, and Markdown syntax windows staying always fixed on top of other apps

Documents and Folder options button only visible when hovering

What's fixed

Fixed hotkeys for adding Tasks and Stacks on the Board and List view

Fixed Stack collapsing via hotkeys

What's improved

Improved menu

Faster workspace load

Last seen document will be selected upon switching workspaces

Various under the hood fixes and improvements

Version 1.1.4

Released 24 April, 2021
  • Added a new Preference to toggle the visibility of the Workspace sidebar
  • Added workspace related menus
  • Added option to open current workspace path or URL

What's changed

Changed the menu icon for Windows and Linux

What's fixed

Fixed text not selecting in the task description

Fixed various permissions problems with the Mac App Store version

Fixed Theme menu not working correctly

Version 1.1.3

Released 22 April, 2021

What's fixed

Fixed not updating the old version in some cases

Version 1.1.2

Released 21 April, 2021

Workspaces are being introduced with this update. You can now use several libraries at the same time and move between them with a single click. This release is also significant because it moves Stacks one step closer to consent cooperation among multiple users.

We'll also be releasing Stacks on the Mac App Store and Snapcraft starting with this update.

What's changed

The sidebar is by default always visible

What's fixed

Various under the hood fixes and improvements

What's improved

The sidebar can now be toggled using the old hotkey or just by clicking the button on the top right

Added the current workspace's path visible in the sidebar

Version 1.0.2

Released 12 April, 2021
  • Added an autosave function for the Notepad. You can change the autosave interval in the new Notepad section in the Preferences (defaults to 10 seconds).
  • Added marker tooltips in the Map View. You can manually toggle all the tooltips or when zooming under a certain threshold the marker tooltip will automatically open.

What's changed

Removed strange white outline on buttons and inputs

What's fixed

When changing the library quickly the "library changed" notification was popping up

What's improved

Task context menu interaction for Tags, Progress and Priority

Version 1.0.1

Released 9 April, 2021

What's changed

Renamed Release Notes menu item to What's new

Renamed Release Notes in Preferences About panel to What's new

What's fixed

Fixed release notes URL in the menu

Fixed keyboard shortcuts sometimes not opening anymore

Fixed release notes URL in Preferences About Panel

Fixed Notepad styles not working in edit mode

What's improved

Task background color in Calendar View

Version 1.0.0

Released 6 April, 2021

This version brings lots of new features and bug fixes. The main new features introduced in this version are:

  • Projects new views: List View, Table View, Calendar View
  • Notepad document
  • People document

Projects improvements:

  • New tags picker
  • Assignee picker
  • New search
  • Task description has rich text features
  • Added time tracking
  • Added priority picker
  • Added hotkeys window
  • Added quick links for getting help, quick start guide and changelogs

What's changed

Projects archived view was moved into its own section

The boards menu was removed

Stacks need a Pro license to unlock certain features

What's fixed

Clicking the marker in Map view opens task details

Fixed various translations

What's improved

Task Detail UI improved

Stacks tint improved

Search now works across all documents

Tasks and other documents can be linked together using @ sign

The preference window was redesigned

Version 0.10.5

Released 15 March, 2021
  • Added new feedback message

What's fixed

Fixed cancelling renaming the Board and Folder

Version 0.10.3

Released 29 January, 2021
  • Added new feedback message

What's fixed

Fixed adding a new Stack

What's improved

Updated translations

Version 0.10.1

Released 5 December, 2020

What's fixed

Fixed task drag accross the board

Fixed attaching a link to the task

Version 0.10.0

Released 18 November, 2020
  • Added folders
  • Added feedback popup

What's fixed

Duplicate board

Stack copy and move

Task cover image not updating

Windows initial start not finding the correct library path

Library watcher

Stack title after exited from collapsed mode

Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements

What's improved

Translations improvements

Version 0.9.0

Released 2 November, 2020
  • Colored/Tinted Stack header
  • Added menu item and hotkey to reload the board
  • Added Indonesian translation

What's fixed

Right click on collapsed Stack

Server pinging not working

Switching server accounts

Stack header/title not updating

Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 0.8.0

Released 7 October, 2020
  • Added option to show task description in the card
  • Description popup in the card footer
  • Estimates and time spent popup in the card footer
  • Attachments popup in the card footer
  • Custom colors in the highlight markdown syntax code
  • Custom text colors markdown syntax code
  • Added Beta features toggle in the Preferences

What's fixed

Task not saving when new and losing focus

Task set to done from context now updates the progress to 100% correctly

Fee input not working correctly

Stack percentage now calculated correctly

What's improved

Improved overall board saving speeds

Combined the spent time icon with the estimated time in the task card footer

Version 0.7.0

Released 17 September, 2020
  • Date picker locale based on current language
  • Tags in the task context menu

What's fixed

Dark mode task context menu

Version 0.6.3

Released 16 September, 2020

What's fixed

Links not opening in the default browser

What's improved

Bottom scrollbar

Stack percentage when collapsed

Version 0.6.2

Released 14 September, 2020
  • Stack width adjustable from the preferences

What's fixed

Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements

What's improved

Themed scrollbars

Version 0.6.0

Released 10 September, 2020
  • Cambodian translation (partial)
  • Navigation menu
  • Task detail title and description new renders Markdown text

What's fixed

Moving around with the keyboard while completed tasks are hidden

Re-ordering of tasks while completed tasks are hidden

Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements

Task info drag and drop color

What's improved

Stacks can now be closed and opened via hotkeys

Markdown writing in the task title and description. Please check the Markdown cheatsheet window for the new syntax

Version 0.5.1

Released 4 September, 2020
  • Turkish translation
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Menu item to add a new task

What's fixed

Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 0.4.0

Released 6 August, 2020
  • Spanish translation
  • Menu item to open a new Library folder
  • Menu item change the theme from light to dark

What's fixed

Menu not changing language

What's improved

Window now remembers previous state

Version 0.3.0

Released 29 July, 2020
  • Option add a new Stack to left or right of another Stack

What's fixed

Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements

What's improved

Update process

Changed version number to major.minor.bugfix

Version 0.2.11

Released 27 July, 2020
  • Option to collapse a Stack (double click to open)

What's fixed

Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements

What's improved

Minor translation improvements

Version 0.2.10

Released 20 July, 2020
  • Option to hide the "New Stack" button

What's fixed

Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements

What's improved

Russian language improvements

Version 0.2.9

Released 30 June, 2020
  • Extra custom text widget in task detail
  • Added French translation

What's fixed

Translation link (now also opens in the default browser)

What's improved

New Stack menu not working

Reorder (some) widgets

Task description icon title new shows the complete description upon hover

App window can be resized to 600x400

Version 0.2.8

Released 13 May, 2020
  • Added a simple way to reorder and delete checklist items from task details
  • Attachments now open on click with the default app (alternatively added button to save to a specific path)

What's improved

Upon reopening, Stacks will maintain the last seen board

Start date won't be deleted upon removing the due date

Smaller bug fixes and improvements

Version 0.2.7

Released 11 May, 2020
  • German translation
  • German demo board
  • Task progress in the context menu
  • Upcoming count box in Board Overview

What's improved

Start date UI in Task Detail

Version 0.2.6

Released 7 May, 2020
  • Task start date (date picker date range - which will be used for the new GANTT view in future releases)
  • Board hourly fee and overall earning stats
  • Hourly fee overwrite per single task

What's fixed

Task estimates section not shown if only time spent is set

What's improved

Overall UI Improvements

Version 0.2.5

Released 23 April, 2020
  • Translated demo board
  • Romanian translation
  • Link to GitHub for contributing to Stacks translations

What's fixed

Dark mode for archived task detail

What's improved

Russian typo fixes

UI Improvements

Version 0.2.4

Released 22 April, 2020

Russian translation

What's fixed

Open link in external app instead of Stacks' window

macOS notarization

What's improved

Change Linux executable name

Changed license

Version 0.2.3

Released 16 April, 2020
  • Stacks for Linux
  • Edit task button (enabled in the preferences)
  • Classified content using markdown syntax
  • Visually see estimates and spent time in the task card

What's fixed

Sidebar not closing on Windows

What's improved

App UI on Windows

Emoji window for Windows

Version 0.2.2

Released 15 April, 2020
  • Stacks for Windows
  • Task context menu for quick status change
  • Menu items for quickly open an issue or request a feature

What's fixed

Learn more menu item link

Notarization for macOS app

Archives stack theme for dark mode

What's improved

Board Overview placeholders for missing info

Toolbar icons

Version 0.2.0

Released 13 April, 2020
  • Added Italian translations
  • Board selector menu (now you can switch board with hotkeys)

What's fixed

Stack not deleting

Various typos

What's improved

Inverted board delete buttons (yes/no)

Inverted board duplicate buttons (yes/no)

Version 0.2.1

Released 13 April, 2020

What's fixed

Board Overview dark mode

Version 0.1.5

Released 7 April, 2020
  • Board overview with charts
  • Menu item to switch between board overview, calendar view (soon), and map view

Version 0.1.4

Released 6 April, 2020

Stacks menu new has an "Add new task" menu item

What's fixed

Task dark mode for done and overdue

What's improved

Marker Popup in map view now renders markdown text

Changed sidebar show archives button icon

Business, Utilities
Requires macOs, Windows
Rating 5 ( ratings)
Price: 49.00