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Task Customization

Stacks offers a simple, intuitive, and highly configurable interface for task management, assisting you in making everyday activities more effective and entertaining.

Task Customization Task Customization
Task Customization

A task manager for

Project management is a difficult process with many moving components. Keeping up with all of the tasks at hand takes a lot of time and effort. Stacks is the ideal answer in this case. Not all project management tools are up to the task; it must be extremely configurable in order to meet any requirement.

From assigning team members, setting deadlines, to attaching files and defining priorities - Stacks is the best solution for you! There's no need for several tools when we offer all you need in one spot.

  • Customize everything: from tags, statuses, assignees down to priorities and estimates.
  • One size fits all needs while exceeding expectations.
  • Get the authentic Pro tool that true Pros require.

What you need

What you get


Divide a task into smaller chunks, or provide extra procedures to achieve a larger task.

Task Assignees

Assign a clear owner to each task so that everyone understands who is in charge.

Due Dates

Specify the date and time of the task is due so that everyone is on the same page.

Start Dates

Set start dates for tasks to minimize last-minute panic.


Attach files and links from from your computer.

Task Scheduling

Quickly drag-and-drop task onto the calendar to schedule.

Location-based Tasks

Geotag your tasks and visualize them on the Map view.


Use priorities to indicate which task is more important than the other.


Check your tasks state via the progress setting.

Tags & Statuses

Colored tags and statuses can be used to identify your tasks.


Divide the time necessary to complete each task and track it in the Calendar view.

Earning & Profit

View profit percentages and track earnings for each task based on an hourly rate.

Custom Text

Additional text-based blocks that enable Markdown authoring.

Recurring Tasks

Recurring tasks will help you stay focused and avoid forgetting anything.

Task Cover

Personalize the task with a custom image cover.

Business, Utilities
Requires macOs, Windows
Rating 5 ( ratings)
Price: 49.00