Project features

Project management

Manage your tasks from beginning to end. You'll always know who's doing what
and by when with all of your projects with Stacks.


Organize your work into projects view them boards, lists, table or calendar view.


Divide the task into small chunks for you and your team.


Divide a task into smaller chunks, or provide extra procedures to achieve a larger task.

Task Assignees

Assign a clear owner to each task so that everyone understands who is in charge.

Due Dates

Specify the date and time of the task is due so that everyone is on the same page.

Start Dates

Set start dates for tasks to minimize last-minute panic.


Attach files and links from from your computer.


Automate critical phases in your processes so that teams do not overlook them.

Import & Export

Import Asana or Trello projects and export any document

Project Overview

Provide teams bir's-eye view of their work in a single location. Share important resources, progress updates, and other information.


Colored tags and statuses can be used to identify your tasks.

Advanced Filters

Perform sophisticated searches using particular parameters or dates.

Multiple Views

View any project in one of these views: Board View, List View, Table View, Calendar View, Map View

Project Settings

Configure each project to fit your needs by adding tags or setting your hourly fee.

Task Scheduling

Quickly drag-and-drop task onto the calendar to schedule.

Location-based Tasks

Geotag your tasks and visualize them on the Map view.


Use priorities to indicate which task is more important than the other.


Archive completed tasks or restore old ones.

Docs features

Files, Docs and Contacts

Creating beautiful documents, attach files and images and organize your clients and colleagues.
Stacks got you covered


Organize your thoughts in notebooks and allocate them to tasks or people.


Attach any file and organize them into folders.


Add checklists and track smaller task directly in your notebook.


Organize your clients and colleagues and assign them to tasks.

Find Contacts

Filter, sort and organize your contacts by their company.

Roles and Categories

Assign your contacts a specific category, type or title.

App features

Other app features

Stacks has more to offer! Check out all the other hidden gems.

Dark Mode

Are you a night owl or early bird, we got you covered.


Documents and all the files are simply stored on your disk.

Offline First

All your documents are stored on top of your local folder while also supporting online collaboration.

No Vendor Lock-In

Documents are store in easily editable text based JSON files

Beautiful Design

A gourgeous design that makes you feel at home and in control

Super Search

Search anything inside your workspace with ease.


Stacks speaks multiple languages. Is yours missing? Add it here


Apple or Windows? Or are you a hands down Linux user?

Highly Customizable

Configure every aspect of Stacks from the Preferences.


Sync your workspace through iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive or any service of your choice.


Organize your documents in folders and sub-folders.


Create workspaces for both local offline tasks and online collaborative projects with your team.